It's about the music, it's about stories, it's about the journey, it's about awareness. Lanes Laire captures this spirit through his music and is not afraid to step out of the box and experiment with a variety of topics and genres. This is indie art rock at its best.

Originally from Los Angeles, the prolific songwriter/guitarist taught himself how to play guitar before formally studying music. And of course, did the usual thing kids in high school do....get in a band and play the LA/Hollywood circuit knowing that they'll be rock stars (chuckle). However, reality and most importantly, maturity set in and Lanes realized it's about the music and passion first. Everything else is just icing on the cake. That's when true success happens.

In 2015, Lanes Laire released his debut album Resurrection Of Black which received critical acclaim throughout Europe and the United States. Featured on the album are Gregg Bissonette on drums (Ringo Starr, Joe Satriani) and his brother Matt Bissonette on bass (Elton John). This "album of awareness" is energetic classic rock with a progressive edge.

Three years later in 2018, Lanes' second album 11:11 was released. This album is a retrospective journey about life experiences, common to many and very relatable. Musically, 11:11 is acoustic based featuring exquisite 12-string guitar work and vocal harmony. The album has a melancholic folk rock vibe and is definitely a step outside of the edgy rock vein.

Lanes Laire is working on his third album called E.R., which will be a much more aggressively energetic vibe...very intense. You can read more about this album in the Blog section.


Rockin' out live!

My child Mr Stratocaster

Coffeehouse tour

My triplets...good kids.

Art rock gives you wiings.

Songbook & Pen solo performance

Performance art....

The Bissonette boys

I give great bass.

My Gibson Flying V2 matches my hair.

Music video break time

Pleasures Of War Video

Nothing beats playing live!

Great show!

Spending some good father/son time.

Art rock cloning factory

My child Mr. Martin playing with me.

Don't think I can't see you.

My Jason Newsted impression.

Music video is done!


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My Gibson Flying V2 matches my hair.